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An integrated POC solution for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients

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The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) is the fifth largest French university, and the 1st one in the field of health, taking into account the number of students.

The UCBL student population is nearly 40 000, and it employs 2900 teachers/researchers and teachers, of which 700 are also hospital practitioners, as well as 1800 technical and administrative staff. The University has 73 state-funded research units working in three fields; health, the environment and material technologies. It is a multidisciplinary university specializing in both fundamental and applied research and as such it can boast more than 4415 internationally published articles and 44 patents per year.

The Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISA) is a center of research, expertise, services, and training in analytical chemistry. This Joint Unit of Research (UMR 5280) is contracted with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the University of Lyon1 (UCBL), and the ENS DE LYON. ISA is divided into 3 departments: the European Centre for high fields NMR (CRMN), the Analytical Sciences Laboratory (LSA), and the Central Analysis Service (SCA). Total staff is about 200 persons including 120 permanents and 60 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

The team SIMS “Surfaces - (bio) Interface - Micro/nano Systems” (department ISA) is devoted to the conception and characterization of flexible BioMEMS (Conception and engineering of surfaces and layers, including recognizing molecules, well-adapted to various transducers: FETs-based, micro/nanoelectrodes, micro/nanointerdigitated conductimetric, impedimetric, microfluidics etc.). This also includes novel research for the fabrication of BioMEMS devices for the packaging of (bio)chemical sensors with microfluidic systems.


Contact person

Prof. Abdelhamid Errachid
Institut de Sciences Analytiques (ISA) - UMR 5280,
Equipe SIMS (Surfaces (bio)-Interfaces Micro/nano Systèmes)
Université de Lyon,
5 rue de la Doua,
69100 Villeurbanne,
Tel : +33 437 42 3560