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An integrated POC solution for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients

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EnaChip Inc. (Enachip), is a private company specializing on the design and process development, as well as contract manufacturing of micro-magnetic components and devices mainly on silicon substrates.

Although Enachip is a relative new company its executive and technical team brings over 40 years combined experience on MEMS and wafer level magnetic technology with innovative structures and product introductions of integrated micro-magnetics.

The company’s technical expertise is focused on customized devices using advanced microfabrication methods, and new magnetic materials that enable the manufacturing of high efficiency inductors and transformers that can be used in power management integrated systems, in signal isolation sensitive circuit components where data integrity is critical, magnetic sensors and electromagnets. The company offers business development experience and product commercialization path in the areas of materials, sensors, magnetics, CMOS and MEMS, to enable high impact solutions. Areas of interest include consumer electronics and healthcare products in which small size, low cost, power efficient devices and nanotechnology solutions are the key enablers.


Contact Person

Dr. Trifon Liakopoulos
Enachip Inc.
Corporation Trust Center
1209 Orange Street
19801 Wilmington
United States