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An integrated POC solution for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients

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BioTray is an Innovative SME from France specialized in the field of biotechnology and microtechnology for life science. Our mission is to design, develop, prototype, manufacture and sell innovative, highly effective and easy to use automated instruments & systems for research and diagnostic in life science. The company is organized in four divisions: Microarray, Microfluidic, Lab Automation, Air Quality.

Microarray division provides a comprehensive set of automated instruments and accessories covering the entire microarray workflow. Four instruments were developed by BioTray: two hybridization stations (TrayMixTM S2 & TrayMixTM S4) integrating patented microfluidic system, an ozone free cabinet for air quality control of microarray environment (Ozone Free BoxTM), an automated wash & dry robot.

Microfluidic divisions provides instruments and tools to support research teams, biotech companies and engineering teams with development and integration of microfluidic technologies. BioTray developed a patented maskless photolithography station (MS 10-100TM) for microfluidic chip manufacturing or microfluidic mold production, a microfluidic controller (FlowTestTM) for micropump and electrovalves control. BioTray also provides research and development service in microfluidic for private companies and research labs. Internal R&D projects as well as R&D service covers Lab-on-a-chip technologies.

Lab Automation division provides instruments, robots and software for automated laboratory systems. It includes scheduling software, microplate handling & liquid handling robots, thermal control systems etc.

Air quality division provides various sensors to monitor pollutant concentration in indoor and outdoor air as well as air purifier systems. Internal R&D projects cover airborn pathogen detection using microfluidic system.


Contact Person

Mr. Raphaël Anasthase
BioTray SAS
Microfluidic Division
82 Rue Cyprian
69100 Villeurbanne,