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An integrated POC solution for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients

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The workplan of the KardiaTool project consists of 9 WPs, each one providing input for the development of the major outcome of the project, the KardiaTool platform.

The first two WPs are the horizontal activities of the project, the management and coordination (WP1), the dissemination and exploitation (WP2). WP3 concerns the definition of the end users’ requirements, the design requirements, the functional and non-functional specifications and the overall architecture of the KardiaTool platform. Then WP4 is devoted to the synthesis of the MNPs with different chemistry. In WP5 the elaboration of the LOC will be conducted, while on WP6 the instrumentation for the LOC will take place. WP7 is devoted to the implementation of small scale clinical testing for the design and development of the KardiaSoft Decision Support System, WP8 is related to the integration of the KardiaTool platform whereas WP9 concerns the implementation of the pre-clinical and early clinical studies and the overall KardiaTool platform evaluation through the HTA.